Be Careful Where You Look Back

Be Careful Where You Look Back

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Liner Notes: 

I'm playing around with various vocal processors. And busses. And side chains. And dissonance (my fave.)

I found this trumpet sound in logic pro x. It sounded really nice, so I did a little riffing on the tune My Funny Valentine. It also reminds me of that lovely 70s one hit wonder, Rise by Herb Alpert.


under violet winter skies
were you and I
we took our time
to find
we thought
we had in kind
a love refined

Another time
A dream
a way of life I left behind
To unwind with my mind but

Be careful
Be careful where you look back
Be careful
Be careful where you look back now
Be careful

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Whoa...this is really beautiful! I absolutely LOVE all of the cool vocal processing you have done! Of course, your vocals started out lovely and that shows through the effects! That is a really cool trumpet sound you have going too! I really enjoyed my listen!

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Cool song. It's got a nice chilled vibe to it. I really like the soft pads that you used. The give it a nice shimmering texture.

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That hook is absolutely gorgeous! The vibe reminds me of my visits to Las Vegas, walking around the MGM Grand in the early hours of the morning. I've often looked back over relationships past and yes, there's a reason for the cautionary lyrics. Great work!

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This captivates me from the start with the plaintive call and pulls me in to the beautiful song. Gorgeous layers of vocals, really stunning and effective, the repetition creates a kind of trance like swirliy gentle vortex that keeps me in the magical zone of the music and I would have stayed immersed there longer. So beautiful!

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That disco undercurrent groove is really fun, but the vocals really steal the show. Be careful where you look back is a though-provoking line.

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Solid chord progression, hummable melody and thoughtful lyrics = quality song.

Production wise, sounds like you had a lot of fun playing with processing and toys on this one! I enjoyed the result quite a lot. Great work.

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I like the trumpet and how you add things as the song progresses. There's a dreamy quality to it all...lovely vocal....the repetitions of "be careful" add another layer of meaning both for the past and for the present. Good work!

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Good title and great opening lines in "High / under violet winter skies". Melody is melancholic and beautiful, with lots of cool jazz there and in the chords. Dance music - I'm not familiar with "new" genres Smile - has a perfect production and a clear open feel to it. Vocals may be processed but it's clear that you have a sensual voice and you know how to sing. Very enjoyable.

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Very beautiful song and sounds. Wonderful choice of instruments. I love everything but above all your vocals.

Wow this is incredible! It's got a very groovy, Sade type feel too it. Vocals are superb, and the mix is very catchy and meshes well with real nice lyrics.

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Trumpet is awesome, great dancy rhythm, the vocal is so soothing, makes me think of Sade (have I said that to you before?) The production is great....oh great, I looked up and someone else said Sade, but I think I said it first a few FAWM's ago....LOL! You always impress, what a great start, you are so talented!

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the melody is almost a deconstruction of my funny valentine i tried singing my funny valentine behind your vocal and it worked. this track is better than most of the stuff on those chill out cds i used to collect. i dont listen to much electronic, bu t i love the dreamy down tempo female vocals. one of my favorite groups predating tat trend was seaint etienne, and i like your singing just as uch, if not more, than i liked sarah cracknell.. apologies if you dont care much for her,i know how it feels to be compared to artists for which i feel no affinity.

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@billwhite51 awww. thanks. I don't know who they are, but I will check them out and the singer you mentioned. I enjoy any and all comparisons by listeners to other artists and musical experiences cuz that means I'm moving them to a memory. I sing to move others and to ground myself. And if I hear that I move others, no matter how, that makes me very happy. so thank you!

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I started playing this before I read your liner notes and said to myself, "This sounds like My Funny Valentine." I love that song, especially a version of it by Chet Baker performed live, in Amsterdam, I think. One of his last concerts if not his last. I cry every time.

Electronic is not my favorite kind of music but this has a great beauty to it. Your vocals here remind me a bit of Sade, a conclusion I reached before seeing that Tammy had said the same thing. Maybe I should read EVERYTHING before listening and then try to be original.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this.