I Wanna See You (Once Again)

I Wanna See You (Once Again)

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Liner Notes: 

Just a little sad one that popped into my head. There. Now it is out. And I can move on.


I Wanna See You (Once Again)
July 15, 2018

half a mile away
from where I'm goin'
half a life away
from where I've been
when I see the snow
and hear the cold wind blowin'
I wanna see you
once again

half a broken heart
that's overflowin'
half a lifetime
playin' pretend
when I think about
the pain inside me growin'
I wanna see you
once again

I have most of what I need
I smile at everyone I meet
but still my life is incomplete
‘cause its you I need

half a man
is what my mirror's showin'
half a life spent
waitin' for the end
as I watch the winter storm clouds
start to close in
I wanna see you
once again
I wanna see you
once again
I wanna see you
once again

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This is really wonderful-- there's alot of space for the listener to fill in the 'story' behind the song, but its sketched in enough so it feels resonant and emotional. And of course the demo sounds great--I wish i had those singing chops!

nice work!

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These are without a doubt the type and style of songs in your collection that I absolutely love, John!
This is you in your wheelhouse for sure. The shortness of this one makes every second that much more special.
Yep, that would be my only critique... this needs to be at least 5 minutes. LOL

i couldnt critique this - all i can do is enjoy it. - and i did. creative emotion.

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So happy to hear your voice again. You are channeling Gordon Lightfoot here, but this is all your own. Simply beautiful.

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Very easy song to listen to. I enjoyed it a lot. Lyrics are on point, clever and flowing. Good job.

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What a gorgeous sad song, John! The "half" mile, life, lifetime, broken heart, man is really brilliant for conveying distance and emptiness. The repetition at the end is also very effective. You really own this genre and knock it out of the park. As always your vocals are spot on and the pacing of delivery is perfect!

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very well crafted and exquisitely performed. this is the kind of song we have been talking about when making comparisons with some of the weak material being released by big name songwriters in the field. i would love to see a revival of songs like this on country radio, you are sending the sounds of romanticism into a country that needs to fall in love again.

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half a mile away from where I'm goin' / half a life away from where I've been is such a lovely opening line, the whole song is beautiful and as usual your playing and singing/ delivery is top notch. lovely song.