I Am Going To Crush You

I Am Going To Crush You

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Liner Notes: 

Just trash talking here, not at all serious. Smile Play loud!


I don't know, I just improvised. I sang "I'm going to crush you" about 273 times. Just an estimate. :)

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Such a fun song. Improvised lyrics? They sounded well-thought-out to me, for the most part. Great job!

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Ha ha ha... good listen. It worked be the than I expected. Shows what a good hook can do. I think if you pretended you were a machine it would work even better. Maybe it's on the long side. @ 3.00 I started getting bored.

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You sing the line "I'm going to crush you" a mere 38 times. Not anywhere near 273. 235 repetitions shy in fact. That's only 13.9%. Tsk. Tsk.

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I've been to gigs where That Guy was standing in the audience in front of me, talking to his mate in exactly these terms. He was the sort of guy who you'd overhear asking his mate if he'd ever listened to Led Zeppelin's "Dark Side of the Moon." So this made me wince and laugh at the same time. Love the falsetto backing vox!

And thanks for an opportunity to bathe in the wash of your glorious guitar tones once again. I mightily approve.

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A great vehicle for your wonderful guitar work.
Lovely harmonies.
Super catchy.
Another winner!
This is the kind of guy who needs to drive a giant pickup truck even though he lives in the suburbs cos secretly he has a tiny penis.

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When I imagine myself playing electric guitar, often I'm playing like this. And the girls are going wild.
What a glorious song! The falsetto is the absolute cherry on top of this awesomeness. Good to hear you again!

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This rocks. And it's so funny. Most likely the funniest crushing song ever. Makes me want to crush somebody! High backing vocals are great. You should use more often your high vocal register.

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Oh yeah this really drives it home
love this fast beat, totally rocks
great vocal on this too
and such a good lyric, top notch

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Oh yeah WOW

i absolutly love this
i hear the 60's in the music
and it's so so good
amd oooh im gonna crush you
works so well


i hope you do collabs and you see something
of mine that hits you

Play on