Summer Sunday

Summer Sunday

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Liner Notes: 

Still trying to figure out how to record without my usual setup!


Summer Sunday
© 2018 - words and music by Sharon Stepler

Sounds of cicadas
Air is heavy and hot
Sky waits for a storm
It may come - or not
Mind’s out of focus
So sleepy and slow
Thoughts drift by
With nowhere to go

On a Summer Sunday
Summer Sunday
On a Summer Sunday
Summer Sunday

For a few hours
It’s quiet and still
Temperature rising
Wind goes where it will
Something inside me
Telling me to slow down
No need to ride
That merry-go-round

On a Summer Sunday
Summer Sunday
On a Summer Sunday
Summer Sunday

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I can relate. Been waitin' for a storm here too. Never know. I like your chord progression. Very original. Good work.

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Waiting for a storm that may come or not is exactly how my summer is going. From here in the midwest to the Florida vacation we took. It's a strange kind of in between to be in. You've captured this summer very well, at least for me.

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Wonderfully vivid picture painted of a hot muggy summer Sunday. I like the message. Memorable chorus and beautiful melody throughout. I love the concise lines.

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Really nice one. I especially like that chorus melody and chords, and the words say it all!

no what that weathers like here often. I like the guitar it hold the vocal well.

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This has a terrific languid, relaxed feel; it captures that "lazy Sunday" vibe beautifully. This would work great on a shaded porch, lemonade in hand, watching the world go by.

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Nice Summer themed song. Sunday topic goes well to make a classic S S sequence in the lyrics. I can almost feel the muginess in your performance with that lazy heat felt chorus. Wind goes well it will. Is my favourite line.

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Love the simplicity of this. I can just imagine lying under the trees listening to the sound of cicidas. Lovely

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Nice job - I too really like that chorus. I like the way you lead us through thoughts of stormy sundays.