A Carefree Sunday

A Carefree Sunday

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Liner Notes: 

Didn't have much to say about Sunday, no job, no kids, no football it's just another day. While I was thinking that this really silly melody came to me so here it is. Hope you're all having a carefree Sunday.

'64 Fender Jaguar
Amp:'67 Fender Dual Showman
Reissue Fender Reverb Unit
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record

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Such a charming, happy Sunday meander of a tune; laid back and relaxed and fun and with just a little touch of swagger (when that guitar comes in), this is an absolute delight.

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That is how spring reverb should sound. I was focused on the guitar sound, and was letting the marimba escape my attention for a bit. Cool sound, nice mood, fun guitar solo!

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This is a fun tune, and a happy Sunday to you, too. Almost a fun little Sunday ride with a picture perfect family just a smiling real wide. At least that's how I picture it in my teeny weeny little brain.

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Aw, this is so much fun!! The happy, gentle bounce and sweet melodies are irresistible - I was tapping my foot and bobbing my head from side to side all the way through. Very nicely done!

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A truly delightful joyful instrumental piece that brought a smile to me on this hot Sunday afternoon!!

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This says "A Carefree Sunday" without a lot of messy lyrics! Perfect!

how could you not like this. a lovely piece - had me tapin and a swayin

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Cool tune. I almost felt compelled to write some lyrics for it. It has such a natural rhythm and melody. Feels like something out of a children's musical to me and could easily be related to a Sunday.

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I wish all my Sundays were like this! What a joy to listen to your beautiful composition. It instantly makes good mood possible! Sitting here smiling even though it's sooooo hot at the moment. Thank you for the bliss!

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Love the guitar solo. And that 60's-style production is totally on the money.

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I do think this is a perfect Sunday song...like getting up happy, taking ones time to make some coffee and read the paper, etc. Lovely sounds, nice organization.