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Liner Notes: 

About ten minutes over. I went for the lyrically low-hanging fruit here. And for some reason, my vocals are especially bad today (and that's saying something), and I obviously don't have time to go back and fix it now.

But for all that, I'm pretty happy with this, and to have finally posted my third song this 50/90! I have to try to not fall off the train again, as I did this past week, and keep posting songs!


(c) 2018 Odilon Green


I wake up early
There’s so much I’m gonna do
on this Sunday

I’ll do a load of laundry
Maybe wash the windows too
on this Sunday

I think I’ll write a song
And take a hike through the woods
on this Sunday

I’ve got the whole day ahead
And I think it’s gonna be a good


Sunday is for catching up
Sunday is for getting things done
Sunday is for living to the fullest
Sunday has only begun


I’m feeling very tired
I got up too early
on this Sunday

I’ve kind of got a headache
And I’m feeling pretty surly
on this Sunday

I think I’ll take a nap
Then I’ll be ready to go
on this Sunday

Though I’ve got a lot to do
You gotta go with the flow
on a Sunday



I open my eyes
It’s looking dark outside
I think the day is at an end

I guess I needed a rest
It’s probably for the best
But next Sunday I’ll be back at it again


Sunday is for lying on the couch
Sunday is for soothing your aches
Sunday is for relaxing to the fullest
Sunday is for taking a break


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LOL! All the best laid plans - poof! gone! Who can't relate to this?? I sure can. Fun one!

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Fun song Odilon. I love the way you are using "Sunday". Very catchy way. Happy, busy, positive and wonderful to listen to.

Cicpisces's picture

Song of a lot of musical tricks. You capture the Sunday mood well. I always appreciate how people can create a complete song in a short time.

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The music conveys the joy of looking forward to a day with endless possibilities. The lyric shares some bumps in the road on the way to endless. Good production for a quickie.

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The sound of the guitar is attention grabbing to me! It's going well together with the initial message planning to do as you plan, and making it cynical once none of these plans ever come anywhere near realization. Happy drums too to like as well as the mouth organ. Great for a skirmish!

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Really fun, both lyrically and musically! And I can so relate - I've had more than one ambitious to-do list disappear into a three-hour nap! Smile Great skirmishing!

kahlo2013's picture

So so true! I think you captured the Sunday that many of us experience really well. I thought the vocals were just fine. Enjoyed very much!

thats so often so often a sunday- love the harmonica coming in

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Haha! Excellent - totally fun song, my friend. This reminded me of the songs that were in segements from the tv show, The Great Space Coaster. Loved that this song!

Fuzzy's picture

I love your post-punk guitar work for sure.
Great catchy little tune.
I really like your vox.
Now that I'm retired every day is like Sunday.
Nothing seems to be getting done; it's so easy to say "I'll do it tomorrow".

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The sheer poppiness of this reminds me of that 60s song "Daydream." I like way it turns from getting all busy to "I got up too early and have a headache." I knew there would be a twist! Harmonica sounds lovely and suits the song perfectly.