Sunday Carousel

Sunday Carousel

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you Corinne for the lovely theme. I couldn't resist to record something from my childhood time - being on carousel. Very traditional carousel like music here... I don't know if it might be of inspiration for lyrics or not but if someone hears something please let me know.

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There's a carousel in my favorite park, and this reminds me of it! You've captured the sound and joyful feel of a "merry go round" - Very nice Nadia!

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That was so vibrant, and full of child-like, playful Sunday joy, a happy day in the park with the music and magic of a summer's day. Quite catchy too. A splendid happy Sunday song! (Also, very much as an aside, I really like how you do individual covers for each of your songs on Bandcamp - it's a very nice touch.)

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Aww sweet carousel tune. Easily associated with the relaxed Sunday mood.

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Very visual. Took me back to the carousel at Griffith Park with my Grandfather watching me go round and round. Perfect.

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How delightful! I love the image of a Sunday carousel ride. Great skirmishing!

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Love the whimsical happy nostalgic feel that evokes memories of childhood riding those boldly colored animals up and down and around. Nicely done, Nadia.

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I definitely could ride a carousel to this! Lovely sound. I really enjoyed the beginning part which comes around as we twirl around on the carousel.