House Guest

House Guest

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Liner Notes: 

This song is about battling the noonday demon of depression. I also suppose it could be applied to a toxic relationship. Both themes were in my head when I was writing it. The ultimate theme is hope, however.


You can break down like anyone
This is a story to write down when you're done
Your galaxy is a desert now
Thump your melancholy chest, I'll see you in the crowd

Say goodbye to your house guest
I think that its time to rest
You're both weary from fascination
Of each other's wickedness

Young man won't you come up for air
The weight of the fangs are the same everywhere
Don't wait up if you're feeling scared
Can't go back, never go back, they know that you care

We are the only ones who lie in sand
The banter that asks for wishes from fans
And don't you forget to share that
We'll hold on until you end up bare

Hey you, hey you
Don't wait for the other shoe
Hey you, hey you
To drop from your lonely mood

Admit you're weak
Take a swim, modestly
Sink deep
You keep acting like a nobody

You went from a criminal
To everyone's best friend
Accept, the help
And the guest will leave yourself

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© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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tcelliott's picture

Yeah, the depression angle works really well for me. Also the toxicity, but I love the fight you convey, the hope, the resolve to do something about it. Which isn't always easy to make feel real. Another good song from you. Hard to believe this is over 5:00 as it's so good I didn't notice the passing of time. So far you're batting .1000

metalfoot's picture

Solid melody; really strong arrangement here. A nice anthem of encouragement to those struggling with depression and the like.

kahlo2013's picture

Wow!!! This is really a wonderful song! Love the way you tackle a challenging topic with strength and resilience! Your vocal delivery is superb and delivers the melody with clarity and emotion. Love the short acapella break section. Way to rock that great hook! The music is really spectacular! Great guitar. I like the drum tracks you used. The end was a surprise. Loved everything about this song!

Powerstars's picture

Again, I'm loving the bassline. The lyrics really communicate the message you're going for very effectively with some of that vivid imagery ("Your galaxy is a desert now", "The weight of your fangs are the same everywhere", etc.) Some of the harmonies in there are great, too, especially immediately before the chorus. The moment where it cuts to just drums and vocals stands out as having a big impact. Great work!

billwhite51's picture

cool guitar part, and your phrasing is pleasingly inventive. great title and chorus. lyrics throughout are superb.

so much to like here, bassline, melody, clean vocals and a good set of lyrics.

Damn this is a good tune. Well put together, instrumentally solid, well sung and written. Nice one.

cblack's picture

Reminds me of '00s emo rock. For the right person, this'd be a powerful song indeed!

Well executed orchestration and eq. The L/R separation of the guitar works nicely. I get the lyric, -- once arrived, it's never good enough and wonder what the fuss was to get there, --possibly, and so to speak, how I hear it. So, the ambiguity works well Music 2

izaak's picture

Nice construction--- I love the phrase breaks that highlight the bass guitar. The melody over the 'hey you' bridge was really effective, especially followed by the bringdown and filtered vocal. Cool work!

headfirstonly's picture

Nicely done with some neat touches in the writing - I particularly like "don't wait for the other shoe", Production is really punchy and as others have commented, that bassline is what catches the attention most. It's a bit toppy for the mix in places, though - to my ears it ends up fighting the guitars, particularly at the start. But I'm totally with you on the lyrics - I can hear echoes of my own struggles with depression there.

Adnama17's picture

Hooray! Someone else from the Pacific Northwest! Hi from Tri-Cities, WA!
True confessions time though. I was talking with @tcelliott last week about my depression, and he told me to go listen to this song. So what did I do? Avoided this one like the plague of course! (Don't want him to think he was right, now do we?) But sigh... He was right. I needed to hear this one. Thank you so much for writing it.

Trendall's picture

The bass here is great, and nice vocal harmony moments too.

JamKar's picture

Wow. Lots to like here. There is the excellent contemporary sound that is mixed so well, it even sounds good on my crummy work space speakers. I am a fan of that bass too.
Terrific chorus BTW.