Nothing Known

Nothing Known

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Liner Notes: 

I got a bit stuck on number 5, as all the things I am focusing on atm, aren't good songwriting subjects. So to move on I decided to write any old song, about nothing. So I did.

It ended up not too bad, though I might change a few of the lyrics, as I'm not quite sure what nothing is, in the context of the song, at the moment, and nothing has to be something, doesn't it. I think? (insert confused emoji here)


It was hot outside
and inside was lit
by the ceiling lights
and the sweetened lies
of the man I knew
or I thought I know
and I was here in the city


And there was nothing
left to catch me
as I fell to earth
and I walked away
and nothing lay awake and lied
alone, because there's nothing known

And I was the one
who watched the storm subside
and you were there beside
the pictures and the denials
and there was blue
in the background, and I knew

repeat chorus

And nothing waits and nothing leaves
and nothing stays and nothing weeps
and nothing knows it's all alone

repeat chorus

copyright Frances Smith @2018

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I love that chorus lyric, especially the first three lines. I like this lyric as a whole, actually. You've nailed it, I think. That strum on the guitar is cool, too. It gives the song some drive without being harsh/hard too aggressive.

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Really cool paradoxical bent to the lyrics, particularly "nothing lay awake and lied alone, because there's nothing known." I like the little things like the blue background, "sweetened lies" lighting up the inside, the denials and the ceiling lights. Performance is straightforward and lovely.

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this is a francis smth song stripped of its poetry....told in straight forward language. this is not nothing, it is the bones inside all your songs. showing the bare bones of yourself to the world. very stark, honest, and revealing. the metaphorical skin torn away,

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Confused emoji? Not at all. I wouldn't touch the lyrics at all, they're...right... It's always good to run a slow melody against a fast accompaniment. But if you do come to rework it, the direct strum though lends more urgency to a enough-is-enough song than perhaps it should...try the same pattern with finger arpeggio rather than entire strum chord? But not now, do it after 5090. Right now, write another!

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This has such a beautiful poignant sentiment. The bridge is very insightfu.

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I think nothing is something. lol Interesting topic. I especially like the chorus and those last 3 lines. "Nothing knows it's all alone". Hmm...very thought-provoking stuff! Enjoyed the guitar!