Off the Cuff

Off the Cuff

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Liner Notes: 

So after Last Flag Flying i couldnt stay in that mode. But i had plenty of time So went for some experimental mish mash. Every now and again i write silly couplets sense nonsense. I had a few i wrote last week. Laid down some uke tracks a bit of electric piano and a xylophone and just had fun. the lyrics may be a bit more conversational as i sang them to fit.


Broken dreams
Paper reams
Lightning strikes
One wheel bikes

Wild weather
end of tether
Blade of grass
all things pass

If your very clever they
All go well together

Odd types
Smoking pipes
Oh so bland
Head in sand

Bottle stopper
Oh so proper
Open fire
Getting higher

If your very clever they
All go well together

The Big top
Never stop
Royal crown
Please Don’t drown

Paper money
Nice n sunny
More slain
Fall down the drain

If your very clever they
All go well together

Old trees
Car key
More rhymes
If you please

Hot soup
in the loop
Never fear
Get outta here

If your very clever they
All go well together together together

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Going for random rhymes is always very fun! I like how you lay out the fun lyrics in doubled vocals over the even more fun and bouncy backing track. The playfulness almost reminds me of a Sesame Street type children's song. Gave me a smile, good work!

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This is so much fun. Very catchy melody and I like the meta level, that rhyming makes everything sound like it's connected and makes sense. Nice instrumentation too. I enjoyed.

Enjoyable way to write and listen to! This rhythm scheme is always great, neat song as well. Some cool instrumental elements! Love that outro chime!

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I tend to really like "silly couplets sense nonsense"!!! I was a huge T.Rex fan and some of their obscure yet satisfying lyrics. These lyrics evoke that feeling in me! I like the music and your vocals mesh nicely! Cool new song!!

No wonder i like your stuff. T Rex are who really turned me on to music. Sure there were earlier but they were mine. baby boomerang. - Mince pie dog-eye
Eagle on the wind
I'm searching through this garbage
Looking for a friend

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Very entertaining! Nice rhyming and nice arrangment. Good job!

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This has such a cool groove! And yeah, I love this style with all of the short couplets. Well done!