Something's hanging over your head

Something's hanging over your head

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Liner Notes: 

This is one of those 'I know what it's about but I'd rather let the listener draw their own conclusions or impressions"

curious what ya' all think, actually... does this resonate with you?

oh and, yay, got my recording setup working (mostly) better again! (thanks swamp for the help!)

three tracks here- guitar (an acoustic resonator), vocal, and then harmonica...


So if something’s hanging over your head
Do you keep that curiosity well fed?
Do you think about the odds and way its gonna go
Or should you just put those obsessive thoughts to bed

I keep thinking about unintended consequences
Are there reasons behind or just coincidences?
Do you calculate it to the last decimal point?
Or just ride it out, forget about percentages

All the worry in the world won’t change a thing
But how can you be neutral to what’s troubling
Can you really develop an attitude of Zen
If the yarn does not unravel do you still pull the string

And that something hanging over your head
Is it what you think it is or have you been misled
Is it better or worse than you think?
Do you talk all night or is it better left unsaid?

(c) M. Skliar 2018

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man, what an improvement in sound. and you must now that i am strictly lo fi in this age of apps,,,but you have a fantastic sound here,since i first heard your music, ive been trying to put a finger on what it reminds me of. methig in the folk revivl of the sixties..then i ht on it. somewhere in your own world between planets ton rapp and paul siebel. good to hear traditions continue to evolve,

hits you from the first note, lyrics support the flow really well. like Bill it reminds me of something. very full sound for not a lot of instruments

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I think I know what it's about ... at least, it resonates for me and the kind of anxiety-prone person I can be if I'm not careful.
I like the way this one flows along lyrically and vocally/melodically. Cool guitar sound, and of course your harmonica playing is right on.