The Last Flag Flying

The Last Flag Flying

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got a bit passionate on this topic.


Last flag flying

They say it like its a really good thing
I guess its like you’ve won
But from where i stand and what I’ve seen
Its Not much when all is said and done

The cost is great the price too high
The gains only so short term
And we never ever ever seem to
See the problems and then learn

Not sure i want to pay the price
Of of those poor souls dying
Just to be able to say out loud
Im The one with the last flag flying

Be better to get out a board and dice
And settle our differences that way
At least our youth and future
Would live another day

Not to fight on some foreign shore
And not know the wherefore or why
Never to see their home again
Theres so many ways to die

Not sure i want to pay the price
Of of those poor souls dying
Just to be able to say out loud
Im The one with the last flag flying

Im proud of my home and my flag
But im tired of parents crying
Just so some self proclaimed patriot
Says “we have the last flag flying”.

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excellent! I agree with the sentiment, and the hyper-nationalism you talk about can certainly be toxic. The music and the lyric are a good fit, too... great job!
great last verse, btw!

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brilliant. best song i have heard on 50 90 this year. love the title and ive never heard the phrase used before. your singing and playig is terrific and no bullshit in the lyric. you just tell it like it is.

Glad I saw this on the "recommend" post, -- yes, well done in all regards. Music 2

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This is great John, I couldn't agree more! Even better than meeting on the battlefield of a board game, the "fearless" leaders should meet to battle, instead of the people.

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Rousing and serious and poses lots of questions. Really good piece of music. But would you stake everything on a game of dice with any one of Stalin, Hitler, Mao?

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Yes! I prefer war in tabletop board games, too!!!!

The very real cost of human life is hard to bear. Your lyrics on this are fantastic! Your voice really fits this lyric and great orchestration of the harmonies, guitar and drums!

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I love the title. Cool musical backdrop. And of course the lyric is an easy one to like. Your vocals here are really heavy and appropriate. It supports the lyric and the feel of the song so well.

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I was listening through my computer speakers, but I ran for my headphones for this one because I want to be immersed in this one. Glad I did. I love the overall sound/atmosphere you've created. Powerful tune--hits me right in the gut. Thanks

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Don't know what you did to your voice but it sure grabs a listener's attention. Nice lyric. Great job here!

I came back to re-read under "game board" as tag, partial tag to get a hit on songs. So, this not a game board challenge song came up anyway.

It's a good thing to readdress any song, different time, mindset and reading other comments, including ones own to compare. It is interesting as well, at this time with many comments, then to compare outside of your song to see how folks comment.

So, again, yes, great lyric, well done, and the rest above too; -- you being someone for which folks comment so authentically.

So, derUgo Crazy