Don't Quit Your Day Job -- piano version

Don't Quit Your Day Job -- piano version

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Liner Notes: 

Amanda sez: "So this poured out in about ten minutes. I might be a slightly disgruntled employee at the moment, but I'm not sure that comes across in the words or not." and labelled it a feast

Tim sez: "Well so did the backing, but it took a while to clean and produce so rather than a feast I made a meal of it".



Lyrics by and Copyright © 2018 Amanda K Williams
Music by and Copyright © 2018 TJ Fatchen
All Rights Reserved APRA-AMCOS

Don't quit your day job
I've heard often enough
But what if my day job
Really, really sucks?

"We like what you do,
Just don't do it right here,
Or here, or here, or there.
Geez, isn't that clear?"

I don't need your aggravation
You just want participation
Towing lines isn't my style
You'll crash and burn, I'll just smile
Just smile

Make up your damn mind
Better things I could do
Take this job and shove it
You haven't a clue

Don't quit my day job?
Fuck, don't mind if I do!
I'll be much happier
Not sure about you

I don't need your aggravation
You just want participation
Towing lines isn't my style
You'll crash and burn, I'll just smile
Just smile

Just smile

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Okay, I am dying to see the whole musical about this disgruntled employee! The lyrics are great, Amanda! And the music makes it into an awesome showtune! Love the angry grow singing just smile at the end. Perfect! Truly a brilliant collaboration!!

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I just read this lyric a few minutes ago and here you are musicifying it as if on queue. I love the vocal delivery, it gives it a bit of a humor that still supports the angst and heat. Not an easy thing to do, I think.

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Oh man, this is perfect! Kahlo2013 is right. This would be great in a musical. LOVE IT! Many thanks, my friend!!!

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Hilarious, and the vocal puts just the right amount of contempt into it. Yep, I've kept my day job. I didn't need to be told in so many words, though I'm sure it's been intimated.

Great song, good job y'all.

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Wow, what an entertaining piece you two have come up with! Tim's performance of these hilariously dramatic words is delightfully demented - a workingman beyond his tipping point. Wonderful collab!

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This is great!! I’m sure this one will be popping into my head at random times forever hahahaha!

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On the musical version bandwagon for sure! I can just see the Broadway marquee!

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Ha! Like @kahlo2013 says, this would be a great second number in a musical. Have your big opening piece, then focus in on the disgruntled employee before they quit and go on to have their adventures, thoughout the rest of the show. Brilliant!