It’s My Job To Show That It’s Possible

It’s My Job To Show That It’s Possible

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Liner Notes: 

Song inspired by a conversation with friends today although the idea and message are more a summary of my current life motivations. First melancholic/waltzy idea for music is posted but immediately after I recorded it I had an idea for a faster tempo 4/4 time song. I am likely to rerecord and edit this later.


remove chords
It’s My Job To Show That It’s Possible
3/4 time

Day job’s not very fulfilling
Description lacking in meaning
In the guise of public service
In reality I’m just a servant

Wherever I am I can be a change agent
Live in health and the environment
Do what I can and make meaning
Demonstrate anyone can live more sustainably

Chorus 1
It’s my job to show that it’s possible
To live vegan
It’s my job to show that it’s possible
To ride a bike locally
It’s my job to show that it’s possible
This town is walkable
Not for wealth the payoff is health, mental and spiritual,
that’s my job

Someday I will retire
Doesn’t matter in which cube I stand
I’ll take less and give more while I’m here
To soften my footprint on earths atmosphere

Repeat prechorus

Chorus 2
It’s my job to show that it’s possible
To drive an electric vehicle
It’s my job to show that it’s possible
Generate home electricity from solar panels
It’s my job to show it’s possible
To recycle, compost, plant native plants/trees for birds, butterflies, and bees
Not for wealth the payoff is health, mental and spiritual,
that’s my job

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llove the chorus and the sentiment expressed therein. the 3\4 issue reminds me that when i first started writing sonfs, someone asked why they were all in waltz time. t was probably because i was listening to leonard cohen all the time, and this song has a cohen feel. i like the no bushit approach in your lyrc. you just lay it out there, clean and simple. no metaphors, just the truth.

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Beautiful gentle guitar is a wonderful foundation for the sentiment in the lyric which informs and inspires without preaching but by illustrating how important it is to someone else with the first person testimonial. Very effective approach.

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what a great song and mission statement all together! this is actually really important stuff and its inspiring to hear this...

I like the conversational almost-spoken tone, too, I get a kind of 'Lou Reed if he cared more about others' vibe, ha.....

nice work!

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Inspiring and very lovely chorus. Powerful declarations. I like the 3/4, but it would be an interesting experience to hear a different approach and compare the two.

'Possible and walkable' great rhyme! Throughout the song you have a wealth of good rhymes. Your ascending chords are interesting and lead us upwards by the ear to hear your message! Good point well made

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Loving the recording, sounds really authentic in every way. Great chord changes, I applaud how you follow them up, you use way more chords than I do and it works so well, as you've made it a style that is yours. I like the theme too, just doing what you can to live a life to be proud of.

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I hear you! And of course I know your commitment.
Interesting, unique, and really cool guitar playing. Inspiring lyrics - sort of a subtle anthem you have here.

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This is so me. I HATE my job, worse than normal right now. Gotta remember what's important, and it ain't work!

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Yay for you to decide not to preach to others, but to take the challenge and show everyone how it is done, very inspiring, wonderful message!

It's good to sing it's "our" job and not "them over there", --if only they did what is correct then all would be well.

-- I can't tell how many times I've told folks that for a few hundred dollars they can run the Water in, split hot/cold there, -- first up to the Roof into a reflector dish (or not), then back down, and then into the water heater. And, "winter", that's what cut offs are for and can be manual or automated. Then there are the grey water wells from splitting toilet/bath runoff for use. Then, there's super insulated cabinet drawers in the kitchen ("Japanese" cookers)... heat the food to temp and transfer to that drawer, --turn off the stove... how I cook a pot roast, 3-4 hour on 1 hour of stove time.

And etc. Smile -- but, I digress... people can't fathom how "cheap" they can live with a bit of thought. If "money" in their pockets don't motivate... it's hard to know what will. And so, it's a "i" song, not a "them" song, --indeed.

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Nice work! I especially love that kinda weird walk up in the intro part - if you end up changing the feel, I hope you hang on to that piece here or in another song. I really dig it!

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i like the non rhyme/non scan conversational structure, like eavesdropping in on your self-talk. i like how your literal job seems laborious and the twist on what your job is, there is a real pride and satisfaction in the alternative "that's my job"

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I read an article online recently where nurses working in end-of-life care were saying how frequently people on their deathbeds told them how they wished they'd devoted more time to enjoying their lives, and less time to their jobs. Not everyone gets the luxury of doing what they love for a living; I guess the rest of us here are trying to fix their work/life balance by doing cool creative stuff. Every song posted here does a little bit to making life better rather than worse. And that's a message worth spreading.