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Amazon Guides

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Liner Notes: 

When you're embarking on the adventure of a lifetime on the Amazon, make sure you know which guide to pick, otherwise you will be in for a sour surprise. Let this song be your guide.


The lyrics can be found in the instruction booklet of the famous Macintosh game 'Amazon Trail' for System 7 in 1991-ish. I was feeling silly and also very amazon-y, and just read the instruction booklet into the mic, and reversed the vocals, then randomised those, cut them up, quantized to the beat, and placed them in various spots in the song. This could also be used as a soundtrack while you're playing the game. Or a soundtrack while you're cooking. Or horse back riding.

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© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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Oh my god, I love those vocals! I could definitely see this playing at some sort of rave, where most of the people are too high to notice, but some of the people are just high enough to hear this song in technicolour and go, "Whoa..!" It would totally make some tripper's night. Biggrin And the music itself supports the vocals perfectly, while also being musically interesting in its own right. Awesome work!

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sounds like a nightmare soundtrack to an amazon expedition. send it to werner herzog.

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I like your tags very much.
Whoa! This would make a great soundtrack for reading "True Hallucinations" by Terrence McKenna.
I can hear those insects buzzing around my head...
The mushrooms are speaking to me...
I'm being sucked in to the void...
fmvldjr blxmdlvm lpenxinsanm........

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What a cool and clever concept for a song! Love that psychedelic swirly feel, awesome vocal effects, driving beat, and strong buzzy bass line. The interplay of layers really works well.

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Yeah brother, thanks for telling me to check this one out as well! Total John Frusciante feel here, comfortable yet chaotically dynamic. Good stuff again!

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Songs inspired by old video games are my jam. Actually I saw the title which I thought was really cool and clicked on this page and saw the lyrics section and was like 'yes this is exactly what I want to hear'. Yea man!