Moped around Ko Kong

Moped around Ko Kong

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Liner Notes: 

this is a true story a few years ago. I was in Cambodia had a few days between business so went out there a bit. it was a great experience.


I stepped off of the bus
and into the mid day sun
The journey was 4 hours late
it hadnt been much fun

Squeezing past theFpotholes
The ones you could hide a truck
Wondering if we would get there
riding all of our luck

I heard a soft voice say moto,
i said sure although
I was thinking tuk tuk not moto
but now i had to go

Now i am not a little man
but the motorbike was small
Im here in the middle of nowhere
please god dont let me fall.

The bike growled then moved along
found gears it never knew
People stared and rolled their eyes
wondering what would ensue

But we made it to my hotel
it hadn’t taken long
I jumped off my bike
IN this wild west
the one i know as Koh Kong

Sir would like to go out later
have a lgood ook around
Yes Kimsay but my name is john
i said as i stood on the ground

I think id over estimated
what you could do here in 4 days
But then you never really know
somethings can amaze


For 4 days Kimsay and i went
everywhere always together
Blistering heat pouring rain
whatever the weather

I taught him english the best i could.
He taught me Cambodian back
We found temples and waterfalls
nothing did i lack

I paid him twice what he asked
it still seemed much to little
For the fun, companionship and experience
a time so fun and simple

It was a wonderful experience
and i new nothing would be wrong
Kimsay and i had been everywhere
on a moped round Koh Kong

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Has that early 70s folk-rock singer-songwriter vibe. Great story and I enjoyed the imagery - the potholes big enough to hide a truck and the shock of it being a moped, when you were expecting a tuk tuk.

When i got off the bus i was expecting to get a tuk tuk into town from the bus station. When he said moto i wasnt thinking and said yes. Felt bad for him and decided to go. Best decision i made in a while.

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I love that fiddle, it sounds great here. This is a damn fine story. I feel good that you were able to experience it and happy that you shared it with us.

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Really love your instrumentation on this! How many instruments are here? I felt like I was hearing a full band. Really well delivered, and a great story song.

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Who or how was the fiddle used? (sez he, needing to get back to painful practice on the violin...) Love the lyrics, as a one-time resident of Calcutta, even tho'short-term.

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I love the story. I love that you wrote a country song about Cambodia. I also like that this is based on a true story.