The Delivery Room

The Delivery Room

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Liner Notes: 

Title idea based on the dealership what the called the room to pick up a new car. Intertwined memories of hospital births. FAWMing on for now. I may revisit this one.


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The Delivery Room

Verse 1 (boom-chuck)
I get the call
Shes on her way
So much excitement, don’t think I’ll be going to work today
Waiting for months
Uncertain outcome
Don’t know where she’s coming from, hope I know where she’s going

Chorus 1 (single strums)
I’m on my way, to the delivery room
The fabled birthing center
Time to get to know her better

Outside the door
cool air rushes by
Don’t know whether to giggle or cry
Led to the waiting room
We sit some more
Waiting for good words and what we heard was four

Chorus 2
I’m standing here, outside the delivery room
The fabled birthing center
Shaped like a tomb

(One bar strums)
Moments are tense
News unfurls
Congratulations, it’s a girl

Chorus 3
I’m sitting here, outside the delivery room
The fabled birthing center
Waiting for the buzzer
here, outside the delivery room
The fabled birthing center

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The lyrics definitely evoke my own memories of the birthing process rather than the delivery room of getting a car. Great storytelling-- like I'm there with you.

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That 7th at the end of the chorus is really cool. I agree with Alex, you've done a good job with the storytelling.

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I like how the (awesome) minimalist guitar work puts the vox front and center.
Nice vocal performance.
Yeah, that guitar is really hypnotic.
Well done!

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Just reading through your lyrics created an almost intolerable feeling of suspense and worry; so, great job on re-creating the experience via storytelling! So glad for those four words!

The guitar gives a sufficient frame for the song, but I also imagined other embellishments as I listened, to reflect the shifting moods.

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That boom-chuck creates such anticipation! Hurry up and get here already!!!
Did I tell you I'm gonna be a GMa in Oct!? I'm so excited. A little girl even! So yeah, this one speaks to me a lot. Smile

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I should send a link to my friend at work. He's the new father of a baby girl. This was fun Andy, despite the stress filled memories.

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There's anticipation in the story and it includes being surprised as to what the 4 words were gonna be!! Good story.

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yeah the rhythm of the guitar and the vocal lines both have that nervous anticipation, didn't pick up anything of the new car mash up you mentioned, but a lovely song about the birth of your daughter.