The Way We'll Fall

The Way We'll Fall

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Liner Notes: 

I read these lyrics this morning, shortly after Doug posted them, and I was like, that sounds like a Johnny Cash-styled song.

So now it is.


Looks like the downpour won’t ever end
You used to think that water was your friend
Foundation stones are slowly coming loose
And not a one of us will get to choose
The way we’ll fall

The sign above your room flashes No
Still, every night the river fails to slow
You wake up in the morning hoping Yes
But as the waters rise you’re left to guess
The way we’ll fall

The rain has pried your hands from their hold
You tried so hard but you could not stay gold
The path of least resistance brought you low
And even as you sway you want to know
The way we’ll fall

Tomorrow morning might be your last
The outlook shows your future has passed
But you are not alone, so it seems
Tonight we all will see in fevered dreams
The way we’ll fall
The way we’ll fall
The way we’ll fall

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It's funny and interesting how you can immediately hear from the guitar alone that this is Johnny Cash Sun era song. Melody and bluesy chords too are very Cash-like. Well done.

Lyrics are gloomy and dark, this is like the judgement day with all the water pouring from everywhere. The AAA structure works nicely and I really like final lines, not being alone because of the fevered dreams. Also well done.

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This is a great set of lyrics, and I smiled as soon as I heard the opening guitar. Cash-inspired indeed! Well done both!

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I like the structure in this with the hook at the end of each verse. And the water references in the lyric bring alive a deep story/message. Catchy song. Well played and delivered!

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That guitar delivery is a Johnny Cash clone so perfect that I thought I would hear is voice come in and instead it was like I heard his twin brother. Well done and the lyrics are really strong and compelling in the rain analogy that is so well developed! Great collaboration!

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I like that guitar rhythm -- I can really hear that train a' rollin, rollin round the bend. Good country song theme too, waters rising. God willing and the creek don't rise and all that. Also resonates with me because we're having some foundation work done in a week or two. Those waters were rising in my basement not too long ago.

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This is great!!! Johnny Cash really did own that style of dark country songwriting. the chorus / refrain is really clever, saying so much with so little.
I love the second verse - that one pulled me right in!

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This does sound Johnny Cash-like. Love that deep vocal and country-blues melody with the train-rhythm guitar. Some cool imagery too, particularly like the hotel sign there.