Other version (When The Dead Come to Play)

Other version (When The Dead Come to Play)

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Liner Notes: 

Based upon feedback comment, and input requested specifically, -- changed a bit of the chordal progression. Admittedly, not a tremendous shift (in this as some may see it), -- but wanted to show the basic bounce track with some of what I heard and "felt" like could do. I'll leave that there.

Of course this is just the 1v 1g track -- however could then "drop in" the overdubs... well, Smile not really. I'd have to re-grab and re-do and re-mix hahhh... This is why I and others say, do not go to far in a "demo" since is then like making a sharp turn with a Freighter at full speed.

Anyway, -- the other track above this one gives the other "feel" of produced direction where this was going in my head.
(I kinda wish folks really understood that any xyz historic major track release has a version of "this" somewhere, where then folks hear in their heads the other possible directions, -- oh well Smile )

-- So this may make more sense to "new" folks to this one Smile It does start with Chorus, and the chordal change is in Verse One instead of droning on the D, which I did to give "room" to other. I was going to try to *stay on the A -Chord... but, became an entirely different song, so could only "feel" what I did... Thanks! Mr. B!


F f# Am e Em e
When the dead come to play, not fight and pray
F f# Am e Em e
Give advice..., not name your price…, and then claim
A Maj a e c#
Bring you coffee and cake, you'll know your lifes still safe

A Maj sus // //

D f# d C g^
Lord keep me free … Keep me free in my dreams
D C g ^
Free from the need..., to control deaths deeds
D \ D C sus // // //
Sleep let play, and me not need

F Am Em e
When the dead come to play, not poke and pry
F Am Em e
Not wake your weep and keep…, these things neat
A Maj a a e // //
Then is when, to know your life is safe 

D f# d f# d
Under your wing, of feathered down
D f# d Am e^ c v sus // // // //
Soft like snow, just fallen now 
C g^ C g
That colds not effective. for swollen frowns
D f# \C g^ // // // //
Long play with me…, and me not need
F Am Em
When the dead come to play, and you know all their names
F Am Em
And ask you to come, since you know the game
A Maj a g e e e d c# // //
Come to silence your speech to the living's need 

D f# \ \ \
Then you'll know in a day… ..., or week,or year 
D \ \Am7 g
Angles come take your hand, hand swung low 
C g ^ g g D
And catch their rainbow home, sleep now deep …

=== === === === === === === === ===
-- Still unused lyric, chopped form demo, yet to be engaged, fyi:

Then you'll take your place with the playful dead
Not to fight or prey, or give advice 
You'll then bring, coffee and cake and advice safe
You'll know how much life's not free, a well named price paid indeed 

When the dead come to play, not fight and prey
And see all the tears and tares and, broken spheres
If they give you advice and not charge a price, -- bring coffee black and angle food cake 

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Pretty sure I heard your other version--title rings a bell. I REALLY like this version--great chord progression, nice vocal interpretation. Great job!

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this version works better commercially for the average ear, especially the lift of the chorus, but i really miss the intro.

I come to this version fresh without having heard the previous one. I like the clean recording of just your vox and the guitar. That's a win. Your vocal phrasing is cool but it's a little hard to understand what you're singing at times without reading along the lyrics. I like the line 'under your wing of feathered down, soft like snow just fallen now'. Talk about show not tell! Good stuff

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I agree with Jibbidy, it's the clean, clear recording of your voice and guitar that really does the trick. Your voice is really coming across. Fine song ( (and lyric) writing with pleasant variations. Nicely done!