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Liner Notes: 

A little diddy about feeling particularly lost and or upset? Yes I think that's it.


Right lane stops, but the left one starts
With disregard from your guarded heart
Tie up the loose ends
Love how the signs bend

For you, the fear, no, the fright won't stop, it gives you chills
Have a thrill, just wet the quill and seal the deal
Wallow in defense
Wake up your lost sense

If you feel a storm inside
Get dry by the fireside
Muzzle your electric mind
Ground all the wires

If you bleed the chaos dry
You find silence with dynamite
Fallout from the long goodbye
Fires will find you

Can't resist when the feeling starts
With little screams from your wasted smarts
Save all your receipts
So you seem fancy

Rely on skills, no, the kind that will end up in spills
Carry on, the crime of this is never wrong
Follow the witness
Wake up their lost sense

You wake up drenched
Soaked in regret
What if you could, start to feel good

And that's the way, this story goes
New candles burn, if you let go

© 2018 Peter Arvidson Music
© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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This is a great tune. I was put off by the PUNK tag. But I don't really class this in that genre. It feels like quality rock. The fact you're not sure what it's about, sounds genuine and that comes across in the song. In fact the randomness of the lyrics is special and the quality of those lyrics is high. Love the passion in the performance. All round quality piece. Feels like you just let loose and the result was great.

Susan Cantey's picture

Wow. You rock! The harmonies! The guitars! The beat! The lyric! The message! The instrumental coda! Awesome! I rarely listen to entire songs...but I did here. Give rose

cblack's picture

This reminded me of emo rock... I know that's a dirty word for some people, but I mean this as a compliment. Captures the vibe of the '00s perfectly. I could totally see this being played at a big gig... Live show DVD maybe? Anyway, I think you've got something here! Well done. Smile

Powerstars's picture

I'm really liking the vibe of this and I agree with @cblack that it's reminding me of some good ol' '00s radio emo...the good stuff, not the trash. The lyrics, especially on the chorus with the electrical imagery, help to further this along. I'm loving the bass on here, especially on the chorus. The lead guitar on the bridge is also pretty rad, as well as the synths that help to accentuate the track without overpowering it. Great song!

tcelliott's picture

Oh, cool rock track. Good melody, good guitars. This is excellent. I'm becoming a fan. Seriously, do you have an album I can buy or what?

Chip Withrow's picture

You rock! Top-notch instrumental blend, and I love the melodic meter of the lyric and vocal. Cool, dramatic back and forth between verse, chorus, and bridge. Wow!

writeandwrong's picture

Fantastic message in your words! Excellent delivery and are you sure this is a 50/90 song???! Sounds exceptionally done!! What a perfect line... "New candles burn, if you let go." Love the dedicated support and positivity in this! A++!

kc5's picture

These lyrics explode with word picture candy. Love your opening verse and your refrain. Very creative lyrics and your change-ups audibly keep the interest high. Nicely executed!