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Liner Notes: 

@pfoo sent me a drum track and a synth bass track (Korg MS20). I built some guitar parts around that then tried to come up with some lyrics and a melody. The floating melody is guitar with e-bow, always fun.

For recording geeks, I was not paying close attention and the mic picking up that e-bow guitar part was actually across the room, not pointed at the guitar amp. So it has a bit of extra "reverb" on it, I guess.

What is it about? Not sure. Maybe politics. Maybe general unease. Maybe people who are not all that nice. Something like that.


Here we are again my friend
waiting to see the end
of this long, weird movie
sometimes I have my doubts
sometimes I want out
then the mic is dropped

when you gonna wake up
We been forsaken
it's time to shake up
our underestimation
time has escaped us
the doors are locked
I'll tell you straight up
this has gotta stop

Here we are again my friend
waiting to descend
trying to disappear
stuck in this small town
we see what's going down
our fear is a by product

here we are again my friend
enduring all torment
every hope forsaken
we always end up in this dream
it's trapped in our bloodstream
deja vu
downright spooky

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Great build and beat in the music and strong vocals.

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love the lyrics, melody guitar, vocal and drums, but dont know if the synth adds much to the mix. i hear it as more of a rock song than a dance tune.

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Funny comment above since the synth part is actually the basis of the tune. If anything, that would mean my other parts missed the mark.

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Very entertaining listen. I enjoy enigmatic lyrics that tease you with fragments of meaning but still leave you to fill in the gaps and come up with your own interpretation of what the song is about. And good music to accompany the words as well. Good effort.

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"When you gonna wake up
We been forsaken"

Those lines really do give this song a larger meaning. It's a bit ambiguous, yes, but it means "something." And I like that. The rhythm track is good, I like the synth and I think you've done a great job with the lyric. It definitely works for me.

Really interesting track, -- listened through to the end. Even looked up the korg, --nice. My family would never see me again if got one of those Crazy

-- Great job, works well in all regards, prosody.

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More experimental than a straight song. It bends rules and to my ears the disquieting message in the lyrics is mirrored in the music.
Interesting listen.

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The good thing about ambiguity in lyrics is...ambiguity. Listeners can interpret as suits--political, social,personal. It's a different sort of backing to it, isn't it: the swirl and chaos rather suits the lyrics' ambiguities!

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Damn it, Tim said what I was going to say, that being vague means it can be whatever hits home to the listener. Sometimes, being specific is so limiting, eh?
And that synth is awesome! Smile

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Wonderful wash of sound in this. Slightly off-kilter, disconcerting vibe plays well off the lyrics. Good stuff!

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Love it! Great rock song. Excellent lyrics and track.

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great sounds, lyrically seemed like big life stuff/political to me, nice collab

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On the horizon there is a gathering storm, or a gathering crowd and they are pissed.

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I like songs with repeated rhymes like all the "eight" sounds in the chorus: wake shake sake estimate... it's also a cool way to help the chorus stand out maybe too. I really dig that synth part and I think the fact that the guitars seem more ambient and floaty helps the parts not get in each other's way. There's definitely something interesting in the way the melodic lead almost shifts between the synth and the vocals IMO, where sometimes the vocals sound like an accompaniment to the synth, but other times vice versa.

Kind of makes me think of Radiohead, but my brain is probably just harkening back to the synth sounds from Kid A, an album that really blew my mind when it came out.

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I like how your liner note says that this is about this and that or "something like that." Personally, I always like a bit of mystery. I like the way you seem to be hinting at...something. The backing track is perfect: propulsive and compelling, with the ethereal guitar-sphere floating above

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That synth really makes this sound ethereal and off-kilter (in a good way!). I like the mystery of "We always end up in this dream," as if it's a recurring nightmare one can't escape.

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Nice propulsive beat and cool bass synth sounds. With those really wonderful slow e-bow lines the music is in perfect sync with the slightly ominous and claustrophobic lyrics. A bit 80's neurotic modern rock vibe here, which I like very much, with a touch of Talking Heads, Robert Fripp or Bowie maybe.

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great edgy vocal delivery.
the backing track is...awesome.
Nice guitar additions.
It all comes together in this atmospheric, moody, garage-y, collab.
I think this has potential to be album-worthy.
Great job, you two.

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I like the modal feel of that synth part; very cool tone too. I love the chord structure that builds off it, the way it cycles and doesn't rest. Nice counterpoint with the e-bow, another great sound. Distortion on the vocal works really well. I like "stuck in this small town" in this decidedly non-country musical context.

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Great collab! I love how musically everything comes together in a synergetic whole, like, it's no more about the instruments/vocal, but about a complete and indivisable atmosphere. Wow!!! Biggrin

§ Roel