Talking Like a Pirate

Talking Like a Pirate

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Liner Notes: 

I did a free-write in my journal back in February about going on a whale watch. I never did anything with it.
After looking at it, I can understand why! This is a challenge to turn into a good song.

It's got all the images I wanted, but I think they're not in the best order. I may mess with it before I record the demo.


Trade winds whipping
Sunlight on the whitecaps
Afternoon whale watch

Humpbacks breaching
Jib sail flapping wildly
Rocking and pitching
Waves hit the hull

I sit alone on the netting
Wind-blown, briny and soaking wet
I'd like it better, if you sat beside me
Laughing and drinking, talking like a pirate
Talking like a pirate

Grapefruit seltzer
Subway pastrami
Everyone's hiding
Scared to get wet

Motion sickness
Dolphins off to starboard
Protect the babies
Wish you were here


It's been years since you were back out on the ocean
You'd complain of peeling paint and how slow we are going
White cat-rim sunglasses fixed on the horizon
Laughing and drinking, talking like a pirate


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Sept 19 is international talk like a pirate day! I like this. I love being on the water. My dream is to retire to Maine and go to the ocean every day (from mid March to mid Dec), but I also get sea sick once I get far enough out and I like grapefruit seltzer... so I totally feel these lyrics!

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Wonderfully vivid images, you really paint a clear and poignant picture.