Listening to the Rain

Listening to the Rain

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Liner Notes: 

Another "I'm home sick" song today. This one just came out. No notes or any of the other weird things in my "normal" process. I will probably work on it a little more.


Your blue eyes so hypnotic
Keeping me awake
Listening to the rain
Tryin’ to control the ache

The conversation’s dwindling
There’s not much left to say
Listening to the rain
Tellin’ me you’ll go away

And now I’ll hate the rain
It’s soothing sound remiss
It forever will remind me
Of the night of our last kiss

My eyes blinded with tears
Keeping me awake
Listening to the rain
Reviewing our mistakes

The conversation’s over
There’s nothing else to do
Listening to the rain
Tellin’ me I’m losing you


Our eyes lock once again
Our lips meet one last time
You walk out into the rain
With a heart forever mine


Forever will the rain
Remind me of our one last kiss

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Very sad lyrics. Last good bye. Last kiss. Hope there will be a musical demo.

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This is lovely Deanna. If it is not taken I would love to give it a go.

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And now I hate the rain. I did not expect that. It's a great line. Another good lyric, and you say it kind of just poured out? You'd like the skirmishes for that sort of thing. Good one.

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Sometimes the songs that just flow out of us, no planning, no direct intention, tend to have a lot to say.
For your first 5090 - you are sure hitting them out of the ball park

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This is full of emotion and easy to visualize. I like it Smile

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Thanks to all for the comments - there is a version with music of this to listen to - hope you check it out