Low Llamas

Low Llamas

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Liner Notes: 

for my fourth 50/90 demo i decided to document the making of it via a bunch of voice memos. i'm really happy with how the track turned out tbh tbh fam

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I quite liked how you added the voice memos. For some reason, I could see this as a "Bonus Track" on an album. Something where the audience is expecting unusual, but which the true fans will get a real kick out of. The voice memos definitely give that sense of intimacy I'd expect from a bonus track.

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I like how you took us through the process. It's cool to listen to someone else's process. Nice groove you've created here too. I like the rhythm you get on the guitar!

heyo, i've got some ideas for how to spice up this chord progression. is it cool if i take a crack at it & upload my demo w/ you as a collaborator?

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I loved the glimpse behind the curtain. And I loved the final product. It sounded so good. It's hard to remember, sometimes, that a quality idea with a quality take can equal good stuff when looking at your limitations. Thanks for the reminder.