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Technicolor Gramophone Records: July

Liner Notes: 

Mostly an electric guitar workout! A bit smooth for my taste, but fun to do.


Like a knife
The fan slices innocent air
Suntan lotion squirted on skin
Like mustard on hot dog in

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Not at all what I was expecting, but I liked it. Smile And while you say this is mostly a guitar workout, I do think those vocals are pretty awesome. They just sounded so iconic! And now that you've explained to me that the effect is basically just delay, I've gotten a new sense of appreciation for the sonic qualities of your singing. Yes, I can hear the delay now - but that also highlights your voice.

As for the guitars themselves... I loved it. It really did sound like a guitar workout. Just someone having fun on their instrument, no cares in the world, and oh, hey, it fits the groove too!

Nicely done!

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The electric guitar had a fun outing, in the sun, and sounds very happy. Vocals sound pleasantly weird, for such a summery lyric. Works very well.

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Yeah, that guitar is very cool (the distorted one) strangely juxtaposed with that more clean guitar (or rather the other way around). It´s like it´s stuttering. Summery stuttering. Oh, and I love that comparison with the mustard and lotion, I can hear both sounds! Nice workout indeed!

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whoa!! this really hit the spot... it's very summery and has a nice gentle breeze going! then the breeze turns into gusts with that beautiful distorted layer ah....

Fuzzy's picture

Great guitar work, especially the weirdo space noises.
Really offbeat sounds, but still wonderful.
I bet this would be great summer driving music.
Yeah, that guitar sound was really nice.

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Like the creative use of guitar effects. This is low on weirdness for you, but very listenable.
Those drums and the guitar riff lock together straight away and persuade me to climb on board.
Nice little piece of lyric that left the feeling summer is not as nice as I think.

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I was in need of hearing some guitar. This song meets that need, and then the lyrics start!

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"The fan slices innocent air"....wonderful....the guitar and melody has a summer, catchy feel, I really enjoyed it, I think you captured some of the spirit of July!

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Summer as a violent season. That's pretty fresh point of view. ( But I suppose in big cities crime rates go up with the heat. ) Comparing people catching some rays to hot dogs is hilarious but accurate. People on the beach roll over like hot dogs in a heating machine! Music has some really nice indie Brit pop vibes.