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Liner Notes: 

Econmics, ergonomic, Reagonics, whatever. The are really only two questions here. Do I have enough money to get some? Can I get the bottle open? If I can do both, then the sitation is well under contrl and everything is bourbonomic.


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Loved it. But the real question is - did you get your bourbon?! The world needs to know!

Seriously, though... This song has such a strong energy to it. That guitar makes the song what it is. Just kind of manic, desperate even, but always keeping the backing music in mind. There's a chaotic quality that I really liked, which I don't think anyone can do on purpose... Just one of those powerful performances that need to wind up on a record. Smile

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three cheers for open tuning and slides. I'll have to make a slide CBG to compete. I've discovered baiju but can't get it here so it's back to bourbon (or vanilla vodka)

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This sounds like the soundtrack to bourbon - hope that makes sense! Nifty playing here. Wicked good fun - like whiskey.

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Great title.
Great slide work.
I'm currently reading "Under The Bright Lights" by Daniel Woodrell, the same guy who wrote "Winter's Bone", and this track reminds me of that book - if they ever make a film of it this would fit right in to the soundtrack.
Menacing but appealing.
Great energy.

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Just heard this on the jukebox, love the deep guitar notes and atmospheric slide playing!