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Liner Notes: 

It's been an on/off all day lazy job, and the vocal processing could certainly do with more work. As could the lyric writing, but hell, two verses and a chorus, it's better than my usual lazy efforts Wink


Girl in tattered jeans and boy in silks
Lovers in a shadowed corner silent and still
Camera obscura reflections on a wall
Elusive ghost of a time we had it all

In silent retrospect
Here's where I disconnect

Pinpoint light a single second shattered in a word
No good can come of this or so I’ve heard
Shift the curtain walk on past it’s not for us to see
We’re shadows in the mist now we’re not even here

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I'm feeling Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets Eurythmics...and it is a good thing.

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Gothic goodness! Loving that voice. It fits the electronic vibe so well! Kind of sounds distant, far away, but still earnest in its message. This could easily be played in a club at some point. Enough energy to get the body moving, but reserved enough to not disturb the goths in the corner who are taking a moment to themselves. Smile

Loved it. Smile

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Nice down tempo song. The vocals fit nicely. Great feel to this.