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Stay Alert

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Liner Notes: 

for the auntie-syn challenge as the anti to this song:

lyrically, i adapted some word choice from that song & reworked it
to either be opposite or say something totally different. also, mine is
in c minor instead of c major & the time signature is changed. also, i
refrained from the current trend of dora references bcoz i figured i
could mix things up abit.

also i must've bumped my mic cable near the end of recording the vox
bcoz the very last bit of the lyrics got glitched out. i decided to roll
w/ it tho & solo that mixup before the wurli breakdown Wink


dont believe what youve heard
the news ain't what it seems
paintin' the bad guys good
and framing it all in a scene

set up to make you happy
for a fleeting moment of pride
puppets on a string
in the battle to pick a side

well we know the cause
that pulls 'em to their ways
a state of mind unfit
and a current numbers the days

they pull you from home
the status quo with the statist drone
you don't hear the bells toll
but i think you already know

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VERY nicely arranged. Love the instrumentation and the way you've narrated it is cool, too! Nice job!

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Really wonderful anti- I love how you changed the genre, key, style, and got rid of the Dora refererence. This sounds great and has a pointed message. Stands strong on its own!

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This song creates a nice groove right from the get-go ... combined with good lyrics and lots of interesting flourishes. Great listen.

Hey cool Mark! Just about to do a SYN of this song with the one before. This should prove interesting!

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just listening through the auntie-sin chain now i have done mine - I love those sounds and groove and the way your vocals sit on it, nice anti and i like the way the glitch fits with the lyrics, like the warning was correct and kicks in before you finish. nice one, thanks for playing Smile

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This is a great antithesis! Great choices melodically and lyrically.