everything you said

everything you said

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Liner Notes: 

needs a chorus, but I'm drawing a blank


you come into my head
infusing all my thoughts
where the rocks on scattered shore
meets the forest edge now lost

I keeping listening for the hush
you keep telling me to go
but I can't leap the distance
of goodbye into unknown

we are so far away
standing on the other side
of the same looking glass
I see you close your eyes

warm bodies gone cold
you said nothing with words
but what you did
everything you did.. said it all

©2018 SueAwesome

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interesting lyric! if you still want to write a chorus, I guess, just list on a piece of paper all the words and phrases that sum up or comment on what you've written so far, perhaps, and maybe something will kind of appear to you? or think of the place or the people involved in the story and say something else about the situation, time, location, persons involved?

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To me this has Great American Songbook written all over it. While I agree with Mike's suggestions, I think it could work musically as is in a AABA song format. If you change it, drop me a note Smile