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Liner Notes: 

I've wanted to do a song based on Fahrenheit 451 for a few years, but never really been able to figure out the angle. So I wrote a cheer playground chant.


Fireman fire man nose in a book
Salamander's coming for you
He don't know cause he don't look
Salamander's coming for you.
Ooooh the flames grow high
Salamander's coming for you.
Fancy words gonna make you cry
Salamander's coming for you.

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Right out of thin air... this one is.

Perfection with the "call back" simplicity.

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creative and really interesting- and its a round!(I think?)
quite impressive, and hypnotic and thought provoking!
great work!

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Just watched the HBO version of "Fahrenheit 451" a week or two ago--didn't like it that much. So I HAD to give this a listen and at least YOU didn't disappoint!

Wow, nicely put together. How many tracks is this?!! Great, great vocals throughout. Good job!

You are certainly taking us on a musical journey. I quickly click on your next song to see where we have gone to now. Very enjoyable

Surrounded by Salamanders! Rounds get crazy when they get busy. I'm glad you had the repeated line. It kept everything together.

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Literary reference and it's a round - how could I not love it. Lovely harmonies and like the percussion based backing.

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Full of the hidden violence so many of our little childhood songs held, (Ashes, ashes we all fall down!) wearing a cute lacy collar; and it gets in your head. Love it!

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I'm always a sucker for tracks with wildtrack sound on them - combine that with a science fiction theme and I'm hooked. Love the way this fractures into a number of different rounds. Very nicely done!