Steam Rail Survey Cell 14 - Report Number 26B

Steam Rail Survey Cell 14 - Report Number 26B

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Liner Notes: 

All Glory To Our Numinous Emperor.

Greetings, Esteemed Supervisor.

We of Steam Rail Survey Cell 14 are three days ahead of schedule in our assigned mission to discover a direct route to the Eastern Sea, and to clear and mark such passage for our Esteemed Brothers of the Steam Rail Track Construction Cells who follow behind us in order to spread the Word of our Most Holy And Glorious Empire to the heathen lands around Our Globe.

Two days ago we of Steam Rail Survey Cell 14 discovered a large tribe of primitives residing in these lands annexed by our Numinous Emperor.
They seemed disturbed by our presence.
As they spoke a barbarian tongue, we were unable to communicate with them in order to spread the Word of our Most Numinous Emperor.
We of Steam Rail Survey Cell 14 felt that it was in the best interest of Our Most Holy Empire to exterminate this potential threat immediately.

That operation was completed in the dawn hours of this morning.

The accompanying audio spool is a recording made in secret by our Cell Cultural Liaison Officer last night, several hours before the elimination procedure.
Please forward this spool to the Library Of Subjugated Heathens in Our Shining And Eternal Capital.

All Glory To Our Numinous Emperor.

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Interesting concept. I like the combination of nature sounds, drums and what almost sounds like a train whistle. Pretty cool!

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This is awesome! More please Smile
I really like the understated macabre story. The pounding drums work really well with the flutes and the birdsong/running water gives it a great sense of space.

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Delightfully weird. Very cool and dark story, and I like the little orchestra of drum and melodica. Sounds like a train! You're coming up with some really cool brass-like horn parts this summer. Keep it up!

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Wow, that completely sounds like a weird caravan approaching. I hear melodica and recorder, I think? The bird sounds just make it seem that much more real. Creepy! I like the whole thing, but especially that note that kind of falls and trails off.

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Yeah that is definitely a procession of weirdly garbed atypicals, and getting ready to learn the meaning of genocide.
Good job you recorded this for posterity as they won't be playing it again.
Great stuff Fuzzy, highly creative and original.

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That's some boisterous 'going into battle' music. Reading what you wrote makes this even more story-telling like. Very nice, it really is convincing. Had a great laugh reading 'They seemed disturbed by our presence' while listening!