Daytime to Nighttime

Daytime to Nighttime

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Liner Notes: 

Inspired by the jazz music.


The sun woke opening her big golden eye
From behind the full grown weeping willow
Wathing disappointed flowers
The songbirds singing in the sky
Here in my garden of rubies and sapphires
The spider crocheted her lace web of her fine work

As the sun sets
From daytime to night time
Standing in my garden
The moon beams bright
I see the stars shine brightly in the night sky with sparkling diamonds and bright rhinestones
The jewels in the sky

The moon lifts up her big silver eyes
Prayer in the heaven's eternal light
Shining so far in the open skies
She takes the children's breath as she watches her children below
Looking out for the shooting star
Wishing on the star

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It's like jazz Emily Dickinson! I like the word painting that you do in this. Some of the descriptions are very evocative!