Love Songs For You

Love Songs For You

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Liner Notes: 

Home sick and trying to write but nothing seems to come out very well. This isn't great but it's something and I feel like something written is better than staring at a blank screen. Enjoy


Have to get up early
Go to work every day
Gotta earn a living
Got bills I gotta pay

I come home late at night
Got more work to be done
Dinner, clean and laundry
No time left for much fun

But all I really
Want to do
Is write love
Songs for you

Having you on my mind
Makes my work day drag on
But what else can I do
Can’t pay bills with a song

Oh what I would
Give or trade
If love songs
got me paid

Can’t quit my job
Can’t call in ill
I won’t get dough
To pay the bills

Oh all I really
Want to do
Is write love
Songs for you

Can someone please just pay
me to only
Write love
Songs for you

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I think many of us would love to get paid to write love songs for our significant others...!

I really dig the sentiment here and in spite of your illness, I think this works pretty well.

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Oh yeah, I'd love to get paid to write a bunch of love songs. That's living the dream. This flows well to me. Nothing fancy, but a good country song often takes the simplest form. Sorry you're homesick. Hope it passes and you start feeling happy soon.

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Nice write...and very relatable to this internet audience!!!

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The virtue of 5090 and the "just keep writing" to get you in the groove regardless of what's raining down around yoU! The simplicity is appealing. I'll pick it up!

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Exactly! Mmm..hmmm sing it sister! You’re preaching to the choir here Smile Biggrin

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Thanks to all for the comments - there is a version with music of this to listen to - hope you check it out