Mad Hatter Visits The Upside Down

Mad Hatter Visits The Upside Down

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Liner Notes: 

After listening to Fuzzy's "The Judicious Use Of Insects" and reading the liner notes on how he did things, I was tremendously inspired to create something in the same vein. So the logical starting point was to use his track as a starting point. Fuzzy's track was reversed, silence was removed and the tempo adjusted 110%. Then I started playing with synths for a suitable drone, some weird spacey noise, and some random chimes. Hmm, I think it needs a helicopter. And people talking. Lots of them. Oh well, it's not music if I don't play something, so I did. It's pretty strange, but it's music. sort of.

Once I got to this point, the title for this... uh... whatever it is, just popped into my head. Since I was a fan of Stranger Things and I've loved the works of Lewis Caroll for as long as I can remember, what would happen if the Mad Hatter visited the Upside Down?

Hey @Fuzzy, I'll see your insects and raise you a hatter. Should this be a collab?

Fuzzy here; I think @1B King did an excellent job with this!


(i found the bottle of absynth)

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Oh, this is pretty brilliant. I take umbrage with the 'not exactly music' tag because this definitely is. I liked the chimes and the synths and the everything, really. Biggrin

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Super trippy. I like the sounds. And that sound like wings... like the caterpillar has metamorphosed.

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I did my honours thesis on Alice in Wonderland, and I must say - I wish I'd heard this song when I was studying! So perfect for what I was trying to argue... Admittedly, I'd have a hard time convincing academics that this song was relevant, but you know what? I think it'd be worth a try. Biggrin

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I think it's been stripped of its video component, and it's a cult sci-fi thriller, and right now, there's a chance they'll scrape by without being discovered. It's music and then some.

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Absynth makes the heart grow longer. The chopper had me worried though. Would make a good video backer, have you considered pond5 or productiontrax?

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Fantastic - listening on headphones, it provides a really surrealadelic experience. The helicopter sounds ominous, and the various keyboard things are creepy. Fab!

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Far out, man! I love the feel of this, spacey, retro 80s, sci-fi, synth creation. Stuff like this is fun and distracting, isn't it? Do more!

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A collab by two of my favorite 5090ers - I knew it had to be wild!
What an interesting, oddly lovely piece to listen to first thing in the morning! The blips of synth remind me of a Philip Glass interactive music/art exhibit I visited in college. Visited repeatedly, because you could create a new melody each time.

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Cool soundscape, like how Fuzzys melodica flows in and out of focus, like a conversation between machines and a lost radio transmission.

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My God, man, this is super freaky and amazing. Love your collabs. Other-worldly, takes me somewhere outside but yet inside my head.