By And By

By And By

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Liner Notes: 

Two songs that have followed me throughout my life are "Amazing Grace" and "Will The Circle Be Unbroken". Many times these two songs are performed together. But rather than covering the these two works, I used them as a jumping off point for an electric improvisational piece. I have dabbled with these songs for many years, but now have something new to say about things.

Since both of these songs are in the public domain, what could be better than a challenge that comes along after the work is half done?

And what better way to speak ones mind than a Telecaster or two or three.

Carbon Fiber Tele - Main
Squire Classic Vibe Thinline - Left
Artie - Right


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Well, this was just what I needed this afternoon. Mellow, lovely, nice arrangement of the classic tunes.

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Pardon me for a moment. I have to go for a toilet break...

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After a lovely preamble, at 1:56 the doors open ever wider, and I am ensconced in sacred sound that can only be 1BKing! Thank you for letting your spirit shine through your fingertips again!