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An older one I redid. Needs music and vocals.


© 2018 Cindy Prince

We were sixteen
I thought you were the world
You told me
I was your favorite girl

We were innocent
And for once we were free
I look back now
With a fond memory

I remember a clearing
Surrounded by trees
I was so shy
So scared of what you’d see
We had a picnic
But I didn’t want to eat
Looking back now
The memory’s still sweet

I remember your hair
Curling round my finger
I remember your touch
How I’d wanted it to linger

You fed me strawberries
Then kissed the juice away
Your gentle lips
Told me it was okay

But as fate would have it
A storm blew right in
And dampened our passion with rain
Though we later tried
To get it back
It was never the same again

Not sure if you’d remember
Our love incomplete
but I can recall it as
Strawberry sweet

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Nice structure and storytelling to the lyrics. Hope you get a collaborator to bring this one to life!

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Kissed the juice away... what imagery!! I think you've told the story very well with an easy lyric to work with. I, too, would like to hear this one musicified.

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Aww. Sweet lyric. I could feel the love in the air until the rain came. Nice story told with great detail and well chosen words. Felt like you could add some short chorus before that outtro as it ended quite soon.