Can't Stop Now

Can't Stop Now

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I told a lie, but I can't stop now.
Its gone too far, I don't know how.
I got mad, but I can't stop now.
I forgot why, I forgot how.

Things set in motion, need to run their course.
Can't feel emotion, can't feel remorse.
I am stubborn, have no plan.
I defy logic, I am a man.

You started to cry, but you can't stop now.
Its gone too far, you don't know how.
You got sad, and you can't stop now.
You forgot why, You forgot how.

Over-reaction, crocodile tears,
too many movies, too many beers.
Depression set in, medicated meow,
stuck in character, can't stop now.

Lets straighten it out
and go in a different direction.
Lets bury the hatchet
and accept our inperfections.

Lets stay together, we can't stop now.
Its gone this far, we don't know how.
We paid the price, but we can't stop now.
We forgot why, we forgot how.

I am sorry we drifted apart.
Lets try again, make a new start.
Lets make amends, write new vows.
We can do it, we can't stop now.

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Great lyrics definitely lend themselves to multiple genres.

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Nice guitar riff, quite pretty and melancholic, like the whole song. Great lyrics. The main hook gets a different meaning in every A section adding lots of depth. Never could I have come up with rhyming now with meow, but it works. Sounds like a Finnish mainstream hit song to me. Clean Start (?) sound with sad lyrics and beautiful music does it. Smile

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I like how the lyrics are structured, and the turnaround from negative to (slightly) positive. Great sound as always! I didn't know watching too many movies can be bad Smile