All I want to be is a burnt offering

All I want to be is a burnt offering

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All I want to be is a burnt offering -Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire

Liner Notes: 

On holiday and far from pianos- I’ll set it to music when I get home.
Hete is a lot of cathedrals and old stuff and many kilometers walked on my two feet and there is nothing like a smell to change the direction of where you are walking...


Why does it feel like I am left behind
When I should be next in line
How long have I waited
For just one chance
And yet
When that chance comes
It goes past
And it is for people who move on
And I wanted it to last longer
Longer than one chance
Just one

When I raise my eye to You
And look deep into my heart
I realize it can never be about men
Because dust builds cathedrals
And gets trampled upon
By the feet of tourists
Who can only go a journey far
Merely passing by
Not noticing the what has been
And what has become

A burnt offering
Or just me sprayed with perfume
Notice me oh Lord
And let me walk with thee
All I want to be is the smell
That surrounds your feet

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Simply extraordinary Marthie! Let me know when you have music for it.