Don't Quit Your Day Job

Don't Quit Your Day Job

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Liner Notes: 

So this poured out in about ten minutes. I might be a slightly disgruntled employee at the moment, but I'm not sure that comes across in the words or not.


Don't quit your day job
I've heard often enough
But what if my day job
Really, really sucks?

"We like what you do,
Just don't do it right here,
Or here, or here, or there.
Geez, isn't that clear?"

I don't need your aggravation
You just want participation
Towing lines isn't my style
You'll crash and burn, I'll just smile
Just smile

Make up your damn mind
Better things I could do
Take this job and shove it
You haven't a clue

Don't quit my day job?
Fuck, don't mind if I do!
I'll be much happier
Not sure about you

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I can get on board with this. Smile

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Great lyrics!
I think we can all identify.
I can definitely hear some kind of music behind this; I hope someone picks it up.

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Love the angst. And I like the lyric. And of course I feel that way too, sometimes.