Two Rode Together

Two Rode Together

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The sleet has turned to rain, but the cold winds still blow
As I ride these broken trails alone
My better days have passed into folklore
Nobody's driving cattle any more
But I remember when you and I crossed the Missouri
On step ahead of the thunder's ranging fury
Until we fell into the canyons and slept inside the rain
Running like horses across the fields and plains

Two rode together across the broken ground
Then came the day they faced each other as the sun went down

In the night we crossed the river to share whiskey and smokes
but in the morning we went back to fight with our own folks
we lost the mississippi to the union troops
who ran off with all our cattle and blocked the escape routes
when the war was over they hung the traitors on both sides
friends became the enemies of the friends whose friends had died

Witnessing the rising of horses with iron feet
The two who rode together faced each other in the street

its a sorry day in when the best of friends
Are on opposite sides of the law
waiting for the broken rays of sunset
to prove who is the faster on the draw
once two rode together
Oh the stories the people will tell
how one of them rode into heaven
and the other rides into hell

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Nice syncopated lyric to note rhythm. It's got that tex-mex country sound, --works well.

Makes me think... a good thing, right? Smile I flash back to leo days, with one fellow who then became sheriff (really, not a metaphor)... I left for what I would wind up doing, and they nearly hung him (a metaphor) Smile Such a corrupt area, beyond saying. But he and I were some of the best damn gun slingers in the area at the time Wink hahhh... -- friends of enemies hung, or just died along the way. Never fired a shot and cursed for not doing so... people have no idea; ptsd indeed hahhh!

-- Good stuff Bill.

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Good bit of storytelling here. Melody works very well, and it's a song to sort of sit back and listen to, as it tells that story. Very nice.

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Ooooh...particularly admiring the rhymes in this today, Bill. Great job on the lyrics. I've still got to get a cowboy song out of my system. Before you do them all! Smile

Great storytelling Bill. I wrote a somewhat similar aussie version in FAWM. I love these historical slightly sad views of people, times and things that we will never see again.

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Normally I dodge cowboy songs like the plague. But this is not at all such a thing. And it resonates. I've just finished re-reading the Penguin Book of the American Civil War, interesting because published 1964? 1965? And the disaster for all it entailed.

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No matter the connection, but it really reminded me of "Common People" Lol Hope you like the comparison.

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I feel like I am in the room with you, listening to you tell this tale. This is a wonderful, compelling, heartwrenching song. Needs nothing more than guitar/vocal. I'm listening again right now.