International House Of Pain

International House Of Pain

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Liner Notes: 

IHOP was pretty legendary. We went there on the 4th and it was a very American experience. Cheap as hell food that you should probably not eat so much of. I had to make a song about it, I also bought a figure of Chiyomi Anzai, the funny anime girl version Mussolini, at a barren budget con we went to, which will be it's own song I'm sure, so I combined this for a tale of a battle, the journey to IHOP. I'm trying to take all kinds of random elements from the trip into the songs for this album. We drove through Leavenworth after destroying ourselves at the Pizza Ranch, and it was this cool lil' city that happens to be built beside a big ol' penitentiary. There was a rad book store there that was packed full of stuff, including posters of the band Kansas on the walls. It smelt amazing, I really liked the little bit we spent in Leavenworth it had this good ol' small city feeling.

This song is not really one of the best of the set but here it is.


Rolling down the highway with the force of a thousand guns
Chiyomi like Mussolini got her spagetthi on the run
Down on the Missouri side a station wagon roams
One table left at IHOP for a single party alone

Not even American, but that's the plan for her
The cultural experience this tourist prefers

I need my pancakes, get out of my way
I'll make your back ache, in the International House Of Pain

Throw this girl in Leavenworth, she's caused quite a scene
Tipping cows not waiters and drinking like a fiend
The Midwest station wagon will shut this coward down
But never doubt a woppino who's hungry with a frown

At IHOP I was offended, at the Swedish crepes
They're actually Finnish pancakes that my Grandma makes

and now I'm mad, I was telling a story
But this is gory, in the International House Of *fuh*

I need my pancakes, get out of my way
I'll make your back ache, the House Of Pain!

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this song sure is a tastier meal tham one would get if they dared visit the worst chain in the world, where the unwary traveler is sicked by 50 putrid syrups, half raw eggs, and gummy pancakes made with rancid flour. good rockin song with great lyrics.

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Man, there's enough rock here to build a medium mountain, but it's hidden by the mix.
I really like that pancake line, rock n roll and fast food lust are truly nature's biggest forces.

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Loved it. Definitely has a road-trip vibe to it. I've never been to IHOP, but I can see them inspiring this song. Nicely done!

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This rocks. Chorus and pre-chorus are really memorable. And that guitar riff in the chorus opens up the song and adds drama. Good fun. Extra points for mentioning Finnish pancakes ( pan-nu-kak-ku ) and Swedish crepes. Smile