Rainy Day Sunbeam

Rainy Day Sunbeam

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The music made by our future robot overlords.

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Eerie, like a sci-fi soundtrack for a mid-60 public service announcement about alien invasions or the dangers of drugs.

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mmm~ you get so much across so concisely! the mood... is perfect, and i love how the lead bit agilely plucks away against the more mechanical backing... love how it skitters and flies away on the last note: woo-ooO~ (i hear echoes of the original Metroid, intended or not it is really awesome to hear!)

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Absolutely love that last swoop up to the final guitar note. And that reverb is delicious - may I ask what it is?

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Mosley! You big tease! That was NOT enough. I need more, and since all things are about me, hop to it! Biggrin
I too like that swoop. Sounds like a robot flipping her hair up and waltzing away from you in defiance. Awesome!

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Yeah, that last swoop is such a cool way to end this -kind of serious and stately- piece. I'd like to hear more!

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tease indeed. sounds like a theme tune for some weird and mysterious 60s show. i like the pace and pauses too.

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Ah I love the celestial bell like tones you manage to shake out of your Jazzmasters, lovely but all to brief tune,

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I really like this! Smile

It’s inspired me... Now, if only I wasn’t driving a car at work, and was with my guitars instead!

I like the length, even though I could take it being longer. Great reverb on the guitar, and great music. Brilliant Good

Sci-fi music- yes! I agree with @Fuzzy about the music of our robot overlords as well!