Sailors' Warning

Sailors' Warning

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I went to YouTube to learn a new guitar pattern and found this one. It's pretty busy, so I knew it needed a simple melody. I guess the repetitive ebb and flow made me think of the ocean, and the first line came out. I saw this woman waiting, watching from a lighthouse, standing on the shore, in her white dress that billows like the ships ' sails. She's waiting for someone. Not a lover - not any more - but someone she wronged. She just needs to know he has survived everything since then.


I will watch the ships at sunrise
Sailors’ warning, morning red skies
In the driftwood and the shale
I will watch for his white sails

Oh my faithless heart, so hardened
Left him with a heavy burden
Said I could not bear the weight
And left him in his pain

All those years ago…

I’ll see his ship roll in
I’ll see it sail on again
Enough to know
He reached home

I will only ask this one thing
Just to know that he’s still living
Did he make it to the bay
Or was he caught in the black waves

All I need to know…

I saw his ship roll in
I saw it sail on again
Enough to know
He reached home
He reached home

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Great modulations, well fitted. Not busy, -- balanced.

So, it makes me think, -- a good thing, right? Smile
I spent allot of time on the water, (long times past now) and so, this kind of song works for me, as you do it in this style.

I have floated, staring many hours alone at the waters surface, where there could never have been a person for miles, or for years there, and know the water loves me back... if ever taken, --by a quick embrace Wink (Never worried even within storms, relaxed. It's a weird thing.)

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gorgeous song, beautifully sung and played. made me think of one of my favorite donovan songs. widow with shawl, i especially like the line all those years ago, with its lovely harmony. a great song to wake up to.

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Love the guitar pattern and your vocals .Well written good story.

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A song of long-held regret, lovely and sad and regretful. Wholly in keeping with the period feel.

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What a lovely song! Beautifully delivered with an emotional vocal. I enjoyed the guitar too and quiet moments. Very reflective. Nicely done.

in her white dress that billows like the ships sails' utter brilliance!!

I still haven't listened and I love this (I'm partial to all things nautical)

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That's a very pretty guitar pattern, has kind of a wavelike motion which suits the symbolism. Love the dynamic arc.