Yfel - Apostle of Darkness

Yfel - Apostle of Darkness

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Slowly working up to my next Yfel album. I'm not a huge fan of black metal because most of it (to me) is boring, uninspired, and just some guys in faceprint yelling how evil they are. But I like the thought of black metal - I think it can be good if written right. So I've been working on a few songs, and this is one of them. I actually tried to make it 10 minutes long but I could only get around 6-7 minutes. Anyways, it's pretty decent. I'll worry about lyrics later.

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There is something to be said about the songs meant for catharsis, and sometimes I need the Black metal to clear my head. This worked for me. I enjoyed the listen.

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Loving it when the drums kick in! Feeling like the vocals should kick in around the 1:40 mark. Loving the bit around 4:40. Smile Awesome energy to this track.