Experiment v4.2 - Partying with a Pessimist

Experiment v4.2 - Partying with a Pessimist

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Liner Notes: 

For once, the music came before the lyrics. Got a good beat going, and then this 1 line came to me. Am omen of ill portent? Or the feel-good hit of the season? :P Either way, I'm pretty happy with this piece. Marking it as a favourite!


What the fuck is this shit?

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Love that beat like someone knocking on a door, I almost expected the lyric to go:
Knock knock
who's there?
What the fuck is this shit

I'll leave the punchline for you, but yeah there's a catchiness in there with that repeated synth motif.
A kick and hihat with a four on the floor would get this really moving

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Okay, I know I already mentioned Killer Klowns from Outer Space, but your aesthetic really has a circus horror quality to it. There's some. intensity to this one. Good work!

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When the insectoid aliens first landed on Earth with their city-sized spaceships, in addition to the burning and genocide and enslavement, no one had any idea that they could also produce kick-ass music.

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Really quite wonderfully strange! The high-pitched keyboard has an almost theremin-like quality, which is reminiscent of 1950s alien films. The next part is very carnivalesque and apocalyptic and funny as well. Enjoyed!

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That's pretty exciting weirdness! It makes me smile, something about the insistence and the 'party' feeling when it jumps up in pitch. Conjures up some weird visuals of a guy opening the door to an alien rave!

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That's some cool rave motif. It really wonders 'what the fuck is this shit' indeed, somewhere down in deep dark cellars. You could turn this into some big shit with some master in beats.

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Wow, you've got some off-kilter sounds in here. It's somehow oddly catchy and compelling and unsettling at the same time. The 'vocal' made me laugh when it first came in. I love the repetition. I don't know what the fuck this shit is, but I like it Smile

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Norman Bates goes clubbing. Wink nice leaving the vocal on its own to end on. fun track Smile

I'm pretty sure that the singer knows the answer to his question. Thoroughly enjoyed this!