The sad story of Tehzs De Melf

The sad story of Tehzs De Melf

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Liner Notes: 

My first track since March. Just testing the waters. Smile



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I hear a darkened theater, the sound of the projector running, then this slinky music. I especially like the intro, the atmosphere really changes when the music builds up around 0:45. But it does crescendo nicely from there. Nice middle bit about 2:00 with no percussion, then the distant piano coming back in. It actually sounded a bit like an ending at 2:45. The organ and guitars have a lovely combined timbre, very pretty on the way out (then ending) when there's more space. Nice dynamics throughout.

For what it's worth, I though it sounded cooler when the drum kit was not involved. I would have been tempted to try to build the whole thing around the distant hammer sound, but that might be just me. I enjoy it as it is, and listened twice.

I wondered if the title was something backwards, but Flem Ed Szhet doesn't speak to me.

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You had me at the piano. You told the whole story with sound. Great work.