Piano Fugue - Enemies Working Together in a Tentative Truce

Piano Fugue - Enemies Working Together in a Tentative Truce

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Liner Notes: 

Time for another piano track! This time, I've played each hand off against the other. Each section of this track is done with just one hand (for the most part). I think it created an interesting effect. Hopefully still fits the Piano Fugue band ethos... Not an instant favourite for me, but I think it still has merit.



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This is lovely to listen to. I like the transitions from something a little juanty and playful to the delicate light melody near the middle to the more sweeping flowing feeling nearer the end. They weave together seamlessly and beautifully.

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Interesting single-line play and then weaving together in....a tentative truce, ah I get it! Smile

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Great title.
Nice meandering lines here; like a stream wandering through a field.
Great work!

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Really interesting listening ... it takes the listener on a journey through different moods. The middle sounds like raindrops falling on a lake.