Leave If You Must

Leave If You Must

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Liner Notes: 

I'm worried that Cindy wanted something very heart achy which is my usual, but this song felt stronger than that, I mean, it takes a strong person to see what the situation is for both. I'm fine if she wants another version, but this is how it hit me.

There are phrasing issues and maybe a few creative ideas that I'm not sure worked, but it is a start and 8 tracks of something to kick off my 50/90 but Cindy girl wrote the heck out of this and I love working with her as always!!


Leave If You Must
by Cindy Prince and Tammy Jann
© 2018

If I'm holding you back from who you're meant to be
If I'm like a dead weight please forgive me
Cause I want the best for you and for you to feel free
So leave if you must

If your soul longs to see just how far you can go
If there's depths to you that I can never know
If you have a brighter light that you need to show
Leave if you must

Leave if you must
Go if you will
Lift up those wings
And soar off that hill
Knowing all the while
I'm loving you still

If you hear a different song than the music that we made
If somehow with me your joy seemed to fade
If somewhere down the road you wish you hadn't stayed
Leave if you must

I'll be lost for awhile
Without that bright smile
until the thought of your turns to dust
so leave if you must

If you are full of regrets it's time to toss them away
If you keep looking for tomorrow while it's still today
If you so want to go, this is what I have say
Leave if you must

Leave if you must
Go if you will
Lift up those wings
And soar off that hill
Knowing all the while
I'm loving you still

Leave if you must
Leave if you must
Leave if you must
Leave me if you must

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I love the 'feel' of this one - a sublime marriage of smooth jazz and country, to my ears. The self-harmonising is especially pleasing. The bittersweet and slightly understated notes give full respect to the maturity of the lyrics.

Some wonderful phrasing there - 'If you keep looking for tomorrow while it's still today' is a highlight, and the four words of the refrain encapsulate things perfectly. A triumph, both of you,

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This is an awesome song! I love the hook and how it is delivered. The lyrics are brilliant, Cindy. So relatable and powerful. And Tammy your music delivers the sentiment perfectly!

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You are right and brilliant! I absolutely love this and am in awe. Thak you so much!

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That is a really strong and powerful lyric. Most people don't have the strength to tell someone they love that it's ok to leave and become more. Great rendition of lyrics. The addition of shaker in places adds some ear candy. Your harmonies are also wonderful. Then that cool little picked part to spice it up. Nice. I think really this song could have many versions. The lyrics are suited to just about any style, which make for some really good writing. Great collab ladies.

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Absolutely love the lyrics and melody. Perfect pairing.

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Powerful story, and a strong performance. I know, if you really love someone you would let them search for what makes them happy. But the hurt is felt really strongly here.

And I could hear this in a band setting, maybe as Bonnie Raitt might have done it.

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Agree with the Bonnie Raitt comment above ... I like the little touches (shaker, harmony vocal) and guitar and melody and, of course, your lovely voice. Lyrics well-crafted and tell a sad story with beauty!

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Another slam dunk! Very nicely delivered, your music does total justice to the lyrics, in my opinion. Not to repeat what others have said, I also like the shaker and the harmonies. Awesome job, both of you!

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Can I say...Nina Simone? Tammy, your voice and phrasing are powerful and the gliss reminded me of Miss Simone. Awesome lyrics, Cindy. Well, produced with the additional vocal tracks and shaker. If you did this on short time, imagine what more time in the studio will render. Wow.

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Fantastic! Great collaboration. Love the melody, harmonies. Tammy, your vocals are awesome.

Kristi's picture

Hey ladies! Lovely song! Great hook and the lyric is full of honest emotion and lays it all out on the line. Good guitar and Tammy the way you sing some of those lines makes it unique and interesting, especially on the last line of the verses! Crystal clear vocal. Great collab!

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Wonderful collaboration!! Cindy, your lyrics are awesome. Tammy, I love the strength in the music, and the melody and your vocals are fantastic. This is really great, my friends. Smile

It all works, -- I like the shift in style; good stuff Music 2

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I get why this lyric has an appeal to make it a song. There's a great lift in the chorus in which I love the line 'And soar off that hill'.

wobbie wobbit's picture

excellent collab, strong lyrics and great storytelling and i love the Lea-ave vocals and the harmonies are great. spot on delivery - all round sounds great and great feel. top work both of you!

cleanshoes's picture

Nice! I like the direction you took this in, Tammy. The blues influence and strong vocals really work well.

Pam Grisham's picture

Beautiful. Powerful. Mesmerizing. The lyric, vocals and music fit so well together. Wow!

Jyllian's picture

The lyrics are wonderful!
Great collaboration. I like the shaker.

writeandwrong's picture

Aw, very nice collaboration. I like what you did with it, Tammy, and think it came out wonderfully. The lyrics are heartfelt with a nice storyline. Vocals are exceptional! Fantastic collaboration!

crisp1's picture

Perfect collaboration! The lyrics are the hill and Tammy just lifts her vocal wings and goes soaring off it. Sweet!

marvsmooth's picture

I agree that this is a perfect collaboration!

A fabulous set of lyrics by Cindy, and beautiful music from Tammy - the harmonising is absolutely gorgeous! I love the percussion too.

Great job!

wyatt's picture

Way ta;go you two!! Strong on both sides. You;re in good voice Tammy

colgoo's picture

How did I miss out on this awesomeness? This one is fantastic! What a great collaboration! Two of my faves making fabulous music together.

This feels like an empty nest kind of song. It works for all kinds of human relationships. Beautiful!!!