When The Dead Come to Play

When The Dead Come to Play

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Liner Notes: 

Wrote it the other day, -- got back to it, "feeling the music for it again..." ? ... sort of... modulated in a complete other direction then by "reflex" went back to the A Major... -- weird eh!? I know... but, felt good so stuck with it.

The basic track was as all this project, "tape running"... cobbled together a track or finally had a good one take; then backed in the bass overdub and for some reason... felt an intro... -- well, it's a framing anyway... (so just shifted over the other track and pasted it it Smile ) ---- I was doing to much "fishing" my strings got sticky, so just went with what I had since the string cleaner smells and knew I'd be done and kill any flow.

Of possible interest do demo-record folks, ---- I ran the Headphone out from a VOX "mini rhythm" batt/ac amp... it's got a big sound for a little portable, like a pignose... The compression is a bit noisy, but it's not bad, -- what do you think? Smile hahhh... (I hate mic'ing amps since never sure what big machinery may be running in my area, and sometimes have to skip it for the unshielded wine..., but, I digress.)


remove chords
F f# Am e Em e
When the dead come to play, not fight and pray
F f# Am e Em e
Give advice..., not name your price…, and then claim
Amaj a e c#
Bring you coffee and cake, you'll know your lifes still safe

D f# d
Lord keep me free … …
f# d
Keep me free in my dreams
C g ^
Free from the need..., to control deaths deeds
\ D sus // // //
Sleep let play, and me not need

F Am Em e
When the dead come to play, not poke and pry
F Am Em e
Not wake your weep and keep…, these things neat
A – Maj a a e // //
Then is when, to know your life is safe 

D f# f#
Under your wing,
f# f#
of feathered down Am e^ c v
Soft like snow, just fallen now 
C g^ C
That colds not effective. for swelling frowns
D C g^ // // // //
Long play with me…, and me not need
F Am Em
When the dead come to play, and you know all their names
F Am Em
And ask you to come, since you know the game
A – maj a e e e d c# // //
Come to silence your speech to the living's need 

D f# \ \ \
Then you'll know in a day… ..., or week,or year 
D \ \Am7 g
Angles come take your hand, hand swung low 
C g ^ g g D
And catch their rainbow home, sleep now deep …

Unused original lyrics, chopped from demo bounce track:
Then you'll take your place with the playful dead
Not to fight or prey, or give advice 
You'll then bring, coffee and cake and advice safe
You'll know how much life's not free, a well named price paid indeed 

When the dead come to play, not fight and prey
And see all the tears and tares and, broken spheres
If they give you advice and not charge a price, -- bring coffee black and angle food cake 

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will this your Purple Rain? It coud be. the intro is strong and the choruses even stronger the verses are good but could be strengthened. How? pushing and pulling and pasting. Only you know how to blow their minds.

Hey Bill, -- thank you, again. Interesting you comment the verses... as in the liner note, I actually had a more what I think you mean by push pull, but went back to that two verse measure/barre drone, --same chord (I need to do the C mid-way maybe). Not sure about "pasting"? ... hmmm -- explain that if you get a chance... I'm always open to any idea.

Also, I didn't wait to post it, and had "ear fatigue"... wow, now, hours later... sounds way slower Smile hahhh... And was using studio monitor headphones, now using KRK's -- Bass weighted though "studio" Phs... wow, just so long as don't get Muddy on "reg equip"... -- was sometimes past few days sounding to bright on other tracks prior, but again, not on regular gear.

The intro... I kind of felt the gaps would be filled in with Cymbals, -- though not into a drum kit mic'ing now... but could do a cymbal build/play. I've got some pretty big, low tone metal I'd like to start using again with mallets. So, maybe toward the end 5090 may re-mix it. I had some other tricky fast stuff but to me it sounds so contrived just can't jam it in for the sake of it, -- who cares anyway. The little VOX does a nice Note Bloom/Swell on it's own "live" Smile (5watts hahhh!), -- not so much as a track direct in, -- but gudNuff for government work.

-- I don't know how purple the rain will every get for me :)... maybe a bit violet. But thank you!

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pasting..develop ideas more, paste new ideas onto old ones. cut and paste, rearrange. nothing wrong with it as it is now, but it wouldt hurt to sprinle a little more purple rain over it. maybe get some violet flowers.

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Very interesting song. Beautiful job on the music--interesting lyrics. Good job on the vocal! Reminds me of music from 60s/70s I used to listen to.

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see suggestion in response to your soundboard question in facebook chat.

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I heard a bit of Metallica, Zeppelin and Pearl Jam - if you hate comparisons - forget I said that Lol Like the ebb and flow, how it comes in waves and the texture of the soloing guitars filling in - full as a sea Lol just saw bill's comment - more violent showers Lol

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This is like Classic Rock! Nice guitars, electric and acoustic. There is an interesting juxtaposition between "soft snow" and everything safe and dead. Something epic about the whole demo and I was half expecting the rocking part to start, but it's fine as it is. Smile

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What can I say that hasn't been said? That's the loveliest guitar backing I've heard for a long time: harmonically complex, melodic, frames the lyrics wonderfully.

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I like the energy of this song. As others have said... sort of an ebb and flow. I also liked that first note of the electric guitar solo in the beginning... ringing out like a church bell, almost like a tone poem. Really interesting stuff!