Flying Dream

Flying Dream

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Liner Notes: 

Here is my next dreamy composition, this time it is my acoustic piano. First time during 50/90 I had a little chance to record it. I think it could become also a song but it's for you to see if you hear anything there. Thank you as always for listening and commenting. Personally I think a little adding of the instrumentation would be good and a gentle voice, maybe like a lullaby type song but I'm sure everyone will hear it differently. I'm happy to keep it as it is so just thinking aloud... All comments/suggestions/ideas are very interesting for me.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This is gorgeous! I love the chord progression. It sounds great on its own. I don't know if lyrics would make it better, but I'll think on it.

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This has so many layers to it already, even being just the one instrument... I don't think you really need vocals on top. The piano itself is speaking volumes!

Awesome track. I really enjoyed it. Smile

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Delightful! I really like that little step-wise part of the melody that comes after the octaves. Nice B section theme and then return to an even more ethereal ending. Light as a feather!